Risen – Sovereign Grace

Sovereign Grace have put out loads of great albums (click here for their bandcamp page where you can listen to them). Here’s one with an Easter flavour. I know it’s not Easter any more but I’ve been listening to it loads, and back in the day, in the year Jesus died and rose, he would have still been on earth now, appearing to his disciples, eating with them, reassuring them, teaching them….. WOW!

A few favourites:

Alive shows the gulf between life with and without Jesus in the powerful contrast between the first verse and chorus. Without Jesus, ‘my heart of stone is dead’ but ‘Now I am alive in you….You are alive in me!’ Pumping Chorus!

What a day celebrates the events and joy of Easter Day with a great middle eight pointing us forward the next great glorious day:
There is still a day that we’re awaiting
When the glorious One we love appears
He will take us home with Him forever
He will finally wipe away our tears 
You have been raised
 unpacks the significance of Jesus’ resurrection in terms of our forgiveness and redemption – that work has been completed!

Jesus lives 
is all about the way we can laugh at death and persevere in this fallen world because Jesus has defeated death – he has taken its sting away.

Behold our God 
is less focussed on the events of Easter, but uses ideas from Isaiah 40 to build a picture of the incomparable, supreme, creator God. In Isaiah the surprise is that the same God who is so far above all things also wants to stoop down to know and comfort his people. In the song the surprise is that he’s done it in Jesus!! “God eternal, humbled to the grave. Jesus, Saviour, risen now to reign.
Hallelujah! Jesus is alive!
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